Cell Restore provides a personalized blend of nutrients, in one formulation, specifically made up according to the imbalances revealed in your blood results. These nutrients fuel millions of biochemical processes, within your cells, that your body needs to perform daily to stay healthy.

We formulate and manufacture supplements, personalised to the needs of your body, as determined by a scientifically proven test, which assesses imbalances at a cellular level.

It’s as easy as the few steps below but there’s a catch – you have to comply – it’s supplementation only twice a day, but it has to be twice a day, every day. Health is built over time, not overnight.



nutrient imbalances

Make up a supplement


to your body’s needs

Move towards

optimal health

and performance

Just like certain ingredients are necessary to bake a cake successfully

So your body requires a recipe of nutrients to complete certain biochemical processes eg: just as your cake wont work without the right amount of baking powder so your body cannot manufacture most neurotransmitters without Vit B6.

Cell Restore is in the business of ensuring targeted nutrition to facilitate the processes your body should perform every day. To a large degree the majority of disease in the 21st century is lifestyle related, even for the most disciplined and fastidious of health seekers.

Biochemical processes will misfunction with an ongoing imbalance in required nutrients. The initial symptoms may be vague, such as insomnia or headaches, but consistent inadequacy will lead to more serious disease conditions.

Why supplement?

The world we live in today continually undermines the perfect balance our bodies were designed to have. Poor eating habits, impoverished food and soil sources, harmful chemical additives and stressful lifestyles, leave most people with a compromised internal health ecosystem. We supplement to ensure that our bodies receive the nutrition required to fuel the millions of biochemical processes that need to take place to keep healthy and to function optimally.

Moving from dis-ease to at-ease

The Cell Restore system, validated by science, moves beyond the current focus on symptomatic illness, addressing imbalances at a cellular level, where all illness begins.

Using an unique analysis of amino acids, specific imbalances are determined and a custom compound, specific to your needs, formulated. With specific and regular input of high quality nutrition, the body has the capacity to self correct, thereby moving towards long term health

Amino acids –
building your body from the ground up

We assess Amino Acids, as they are the building blocks of all proteins, and are found in every tissue of the body. They play a critical role in every chemical process that impacts both physical and mental function. They are of paramount importance in preventing illness and getting to the root of many chronic disorders.