Poor gut health is tied to every disease there is, in some way, because this is where most of our immune system lives and where inflammation often begins.

Our gut microbiome affects the body throughout our life by controlling the digestion and absorption of food, the source of all nutrition for every process in our body. It controls the health of our immune system, central nervous system and impacts weight, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, mood disorders and many other aspects of our health.

At Cell Restore we start our treatment with a month devoted to preparing the gut so that you get the best absorption of your custom compound and the best results.

For some, the journey to gut health is a much longer one, and this depends entirely on the state of your gut on beginning treatment.


The objective of this program is to secrete as much fat, toxins, cholesterol, bile, and bile crystals into the gut, to pass it out of the body.

The total process should last about 17-19 hours and is a very anti-social program. Plan to be close to a toilet at all times during the program.
You will not be able to go to work or school while you do the flush.

The complete Gut Prep kit includes the following:

  1. Herbal Help capsules
  2. Epsom Salts and Vitamin C capsules
  3. Grapefruit juice
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Gut Repair and Protect capsules

Herbal Help

Herbal help consists of 5 days of treatment. Adults 2 capsules, and children 1 capsule morning and evening with meals. Start these capsules 5 days before you begin the one-day flush process. Complete the course of capsules.

Flush process

Eat a normal low-fat lunch and prepare to be at home early evening ready to start.
From lunch until 12h00 the next day, only herbal tea, juice and water may be consumed during the detox. You should have nothing to eat unless you suffer from severe low blood sugar where an apple may be consumed as needed. You should take all chronic medication as required.


Step 1:

Take Epsom salts and Vitamin C Mix (dose 1). Adults 12 capsules and children 6 capsules.


Step 2:

Repeat the above (dose 2). By this time your stomach will make a lot of noises and will start with watery stools.


Step 3:

Mix half the Grapefruit juice and half the Olive Oil and drink. Go to bed. If you find it difficult to sleep you can take a sleeping tablet or a natural sleeping remedy.


Step 4:

Repeat Step 1 (dose 3). Your stomach will wake you up by now.


Step 5:

Repeat step 2 (dose 4).


Step 6:

Repeat step 3.


Step 7:

Take Gut Repair and Support to stop loose stools effect. Adults 4 capsules and children 2 capsules.


Step 9:

Eat a big bowl of salad of your choice and/or vegetable soup. You may now follow your normal or prescribed diet.

You must have a flashlight ready to look at the change in color of the stools as the program progresses.

  • Phase 1: Brown watery stools
  • Phase 2: Green (bile) even crystals up to the size of a green pea. These are bile crystals that block the ducts in the liver and suppress liver function
  • Phase 3: White or beige color is cholesterol and fat that has accumulated in the liver and gut lining.

Report these changes to your Health Care professional, for it is important information as to how successful the process was. This program can be repeated every three months or as indicated by your Health Care Professional.


The morning after completing your Gut Prep you should begin your Gut Repair and Protect supplement and your lntestiflora Probiotic. This will assist with repairing and rebuilding the integrity of the gut wall. This is essential for improved absorption of your custom compound which you will start in month 2 of your treatment.

Gut Repair and Protect

This is a specially formulated blend which assists with improving all elements of gut health.

Adults take 1 level measuring spoon, and children half a measuring spoon, twice a day, in a little water or juice. Complete the jar. Start your custom compound as soon as you receive it. The custom compound and Gut Repair and Protect can be mixed in the same water or juice each day. Should you have gut issues, which is very common in today’s world, this supplement can be taken on an ongoing basis.


An essential part of the gut treatment is the use of a good probiotic which contains live cultures. Cell Restore recommends lntestifllora where the live bacteria are protected within an MCT oil. This product should not be kept in the fridge.

Month 1 – follow treatment dose, thereafter move to maintenance dose, both of which are outlined in the dosage instructions.

A probiotic should be part of your general supplementation program.